What does having self discipline have to do with being successful in the salon world? After being in this industry for a little over a decade I can say I have watched stylists that are successful without trying, stylists that work hard and are successful, and stylists that think they are trying hard but are really just playing games on their phone all day. The way to create success as a stylists isn’t doing a million things and pretending to be really busy it’s all about what you are focusing your time on. The reason I bring up self discipline is because we all know it is really easy to put things off. Every second of the day that you are awake and focused on your goals YOU WILL grow. The challenge is that we focus to much on things that have nothing to do with our goals. We spend the day worrying about unimportant things. As a salon owner self discipline is even harder because you’re your own boss. The best way to start developing better self discipline is to create a daily list starting with the most important things and then filler things you can do on your down time. Make sure everything you choose to do during that day has a positive impact on your personal and professional goals. Spread the word. Share this post with a co-worker or your salon owner. #freesaloneducation #businessmotivation #marketingtips 


January 06, 2016 — Matt Beck


ellie said:

WOW, thank you for the motivation! I so needed this. I’ve re-entered the salon biz 2 yrs ago after moving back to my small hometown after living in several metro areas,and being very succesful. I took a job at a salon, not such a good fit, i stayed way too long. Then poof… a salon I’ve admired hired me, I feel like this was the break I’ve been looking, for, but because I was at a staylemate for so long at the other job, I felt Id lost my motivation. The things you posted lifted me and made me realize it’s all up to me, I am my own powerhouse and need to work really hard towards my goal and get out of my funk! The best way to do that is set and reach my goals, being purposeful at all times! Thank you for helping me see the light. I will read and re-read your posts dailey!

Jamie said:

Great advice !!

Rachel Drake said:

I am 2 years into my career as a stylist. It’s easy to get discouraged but constantly watching education videos and reading post like this helps me stay motivated. It’s easy to become a stagnant hairdresser but staying on top of your goals, constantly trying to keep up with trends makes this business exciting everyday.

Erasmo said:

Boa noite. Parabéns pelas palavras , acho que a disciplina e a determinação são fundamentais em qualquer profissão, principalmente na nossa área que tem constante mudança e aparecimento de novas técnicas.

Karly Heckers said:

I love this!! Reminds me to keep busy and stay on it. All progress is progress.

Pearl said:

Greetings! I have been watching 1 educational video every night after work. Am I tired yes, would I rather be doing something that probably would be fruitless to my hair business probably. But something happened the more I watched your awesome teaching videos the more motivated and refreshed I’ve become! Now my down time has become learning from your awesome team!! Thank you so much for being so giving of your talents and sharing it with us who are willing to learn and grow in the hair industry..God Bless you all:)

Ruby hamton said:

Great point.

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