Trend prediction - the side part is coming back. All over the runways we're seeing cuts with side parts more and more, and we have a curly side part haircut guide to get you ahead of the trends. 

Feeling bored of the middle part that has dominated trends over the last few years? Make way for the side part! We're ready for a change, and what's nice about a side part it is really versatile on many face shapes and textures. This curly side part hair cut has a 'barely there' appearance, working with natural textured hair and giving you an insight to curly hair cutting. Check out the video below - 

1st find the high point to section the side part 

Matt sections the hair down the middle to find the high point of the head. This is because this curly look has a natural barely there side part. So, it's taken from the top to the side creating a triangular section. Matt makes a symmetrical triangle on the opposite side. He then creates a 'Pac-man' shape on the crown area of the head twists and clips away for later. 

 side part hair

Use the best tools for cutting curls 

Matt explains throughout this video the importance of letting curls 'live' where they need to be. Curls need to be handled with care when cutting. Too much tenson disturbs the fall of the curl giving you a different shape once the curls spring back into place. Use a wide-toothed comb to avoid messing with the curls. Matts working with a 705 Derlin cutting comb. 

 curly cutting comb

Use the best products for cutting curly hair 

So, curls have a tendency to be a little dry, maybe even tangly when cutting hair. That’s why It's great to use a cutting aid and what better products than the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hemp Multi-tasking spray, and the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hemp Restoring conditioner and Body Lotion. Matt spritzes the hair 1st and smooths through the conditioner to aid control, moisture and condition in the curly hair. 

 curly side part hair products

Cut the bottom section of the curly hair 

We're working on the side part last and actually focusing on the bottom section to get the basic shape in the hair 1st. Matt demonstrates the level of tension in the hair when he pulls it out and cuts it, he's taking vertical sections, beginning on the right-side of the face and blunt cutting to give the curls a stronger shape. 

 cut shape in curly hair

Cut hair with a travelling guide 

What's a travelling guide? Matt has a nice visual on his video to demonstrate the theory of a travelling guide when cutting hair. You cut the 1st section as a guide, then take the next section (number 2), you use section 1, and pull section 1 halfway into section 2, then you cut the hair using the guide and methodically repeat this process as you travel while cutting.  

 travelling guide hair cut side part education

Watch your body positioning when cutting on a round 

Your body positioning moves too, but be mindful, your body moves with the cutting, and you're working on a round. Check out the pictures. You work this method from around the face towards the center back, and then you start cutting on the opposite side around the face. Use your previous side to decide on cutting length and angle, referencing different areas like lips/jawlines/eyebrows can help you achieve balance in the haircut. 

 body positioning haircutting curly side part

Continue cutting with a travelling guide in the same method 

Cut all the way with your travelling guide from front to back, until you have met the hair already cut at the back. Then, take a section across, almost like you're cross-checking the hair cut on the top end of this section. Matt pulls this out and cuts horizontally. This will take the ''edge'' off the top corner and give a softer fall to the curls. 

 hair cutting class online

Style the disturbed curl pattern 

So, all that combing can disturb the way the curls like to lay, so now's a great opportunity to work them back into their form. Use more conditioner and Paul Mitchell Twirl Around cream gel to control the curls. Twist the curls into sections and diffuse the hair at a low air flow and a medium heat. 

 curly hair side part styling techniques

Work on the crown section of the hair 

Take your Pac-man shaped section and condition. This whole section is simply going to be pulled up to the same point. We're not going to be using a guide for this section. Take the section in one, pull up, being mindful of tension and curl pattern and cut the ends straight across. The shortest point of the layers in this section will be at the high point of the head and longest will be the outer-area of the section. 

 cutting curls free education

Work on the side part section 

Release the triangle section on the side part side. Use the wide toothed side of your comb and comb up above where the side parting will fall. Use light tension letting the curls spring to where they want to be. Follow the round of the head while cutting this section to avoid creating unwanted build-up of curls. 

 cutting side part curly hair

Work on the triangular section on the opposite side  

Our final section to cut! Matt wants this section to blend with the hair that was cut on the bottom. He's mindful of weight coming from having a side part on the opposite side. He connects the hair to the under-section he cut at first. He pulls the hair out still working on a round. 

 connecting layers curly hair

Now the hairs cut, style the hair and add finishing touches 

Matt styles the hair with some Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hemp Multi-tasking spray and Twirl around. Using the twisty technique and the diffuser on a medium heat-low speed he dries the hair. Once finished he pinch cuts some stray curls in the back so the shape keeps its form. Take a look at the finished result below. 

 cutting curls

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