Love that face frame layered haircut look? Well, we have the perfect step by step guide with a video for you to learn how to cut face frame layers. 

This video is from Matts YouTube channel Free Salon Education. He weekly uploads video content so you guys learn how to create the most beautiful haircuts like this frame layered cut. He also has, color and style content, totally free! Give us a subscribe, and check out the blog below paired with this video content. Now your set up and ready to create frame layered haircuts on your guests in the salon.

1st Section the Hair 

Matt shows a simple technique for sectioning so you only have to work on cutting the fringe and the layers. Take a round section on the crown of the head and clip the hair away. Then divide the hair between front and back, creating a large back section behind the ears following the hair line. Clip the back away. Then divide your face framing area by sectioning the hair between fringe and length, using the hair line as a guide and taking a vertical section around the fringe area.

section the haircutdensity haircut sectioningframe layered fringe sectioning

Then Cut the Fringe 

Matt demonstrates the fringe area is quite long to go in with elevation and cut a guide accurately. So, he decided to pinch cut the middle section of the fringe with his scissors to give a better idea of the length. He then elevates this middle section (without layering it) but just gives a lighter result. He cuts 1/4'' off and point cuts to break it up. This will be the section number 1 guide to the bangs. 

cut fringelayer fringe

Cut Hair with a Travelling Guide 

Section number 1 is the middle section of the hair that has been cut already. Section 2 will be the section next to section 1 on the right side of the doll head. When a guide is travelling the hair is NOT pulled to a singular point and cut. So, section 1 gets pulled towards section 2 (in the middle of them) and the hair is cut at the same elevation as section 1, using the guide from section 1. This method is repeated with section 2, moving into section 3 as a guide. Repeat this method until one side of the fringe is cut. 

cut fringe layers with guide

Cut The Opposite Side of The Fringe 

The same principles are used for cutting the layered fringe on the opposite side. However, your body position means you will be pushing the hair away from you for the travelling guide, instead of pulling towards you. Follow the elevation, the sectioning and the travelling guide to achieve balance in the fringe. Slide cut the bangs to personalize the look and remove bulky weight. Check out Matts favorite combs for the best cutting tools to achieve these looks.

cutting layers in a fringe

Then Cut the Hair to Create Frame Layers  

Matt explains he doesn't want these layers to connect to the layering of the bangs. He wants to retain the length. So, Matt splits the section, and over directs the layer above the middle of the hairline, right above the nose. He cuts at that point and then brings the rest of the length around the head to that point too and cuts it following his guide. This is what you would call a stationary guide, because it stays in the same spot. This is repeated on the opposite side, slide cut to personalize and then we move on to styling the hair. 

cutting layers guidecutting frame layers

Blow-dry Face Framing Layers 

Then Matt grabs his large ergo round brush and blow-dries volume into the hair. Using Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth, he straightens out the bangs and he works on the fringe with texturizing scissors to remove bulkiness on the ends. Then Matt heat styles the length with a Paul Mitchell Neuro Sleek Smoothing Hot Brush, to get sleek bends and flicks in the hair. Check out the finished hair cut below. Give us a follow on TikTok, Instagram, subscribe to our channel on YouTube or become a patron for exclusive content. Thanks, happy cutting! 

 blow dry face frame layersstyle face frame layersface frame hair cut guide

December 26, 2022 — Evelyn Davies

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