Looking for some information on how to cut a butterfly fringe? Maybe you love the butterfly haircut? Or, just want some butterfly bangs? 

We have a butterfly fringe cutting guide to give you the know-how for your guests in salon. So, you can get on with creating beautiful haircuts. If you love education, and you love getting free salon education, you should check out our social media channels. Matt posts weekly content and wants to give opportunity to all stylists wanting to learn new techniques. Staying up-to-date with hair cutting education like the butterfly cut gives you the confidence and the step ahead of the game in our industry. 

Choose your Hair Cutting Tools for the Butterfly Bangs 

Matt gives you an insight to the look he's beginning with, so you can see the look from start to finish. He's using 2 combs while demonstrating the butterfly haircut. The Derlin 701 in metallic pink (a great all-round cutting comb) and the Derlin 705 white (perfect for sectioning, dry cutting and texturizing). 

butterfly haircut combs

before cutting butterfly bangs

Section the Butterfly Fringe Away 

Matt draws a center part with his comb from the bridge of the nose-back. Use your hair comb by balancing it on the front of the head. Check out the point where the cutting comb rocks. This is the bend of the head, and the perfect spot to connect the sectioning for the butterfly cut. The fall of the hair is forwards from this point in the center, and falls around the sides to give the ''winged'' effect of a butterfly fringe. Match both sides in using the hairline around the face as a visual guide. 

balance comb butterfly cut

sectioning butterfly cut

Cut the Butterfly Bangs Wet or Dry 

Matt prefers to cut the butterfly fringe wet. But you can work on wet or dry. The reason Matt likes to wet cut is because it's precise and cleaner. He starts in the top-right side of the bangs, taking a skinny channel section and combing the hair out. Matt decides to lower the elevation to cut the middle of the butterfly bangs. This is because he likes to keep the weight line a little heavier. This gives stronger shape to the middle of the cut. Matt cuts the hair at a 45° angle forwards. 

cut the butterfly bangs

Over-Direct The Sides of The Butterfly Bangs 

Matt then decides to tie in the sides of the butterfly bangs. Remember this part of the cut is meant to soften out and fall in a ''swoop'' off the face. With this section of the hair, weight can build up and get a little chunky looking. To counteract this happening, Matt over directs this full section to his previous cut, but he changes his elevation. 

over direct butterfly fringe hair cut

Be Careful Cutting Hair at the Sides of The Butterfly Fringe 

Think about it, if you have cut the first section at a 45° angle forwards, when you over direct to this point and pull the hair at a 90° angle upwards, your original section will be longer at the back as a guide. You want to cut the rest of the fringe from the LONGEST point, or you could lose the work you cut originally. Point cut the hair to soften lines. Repeat the cutting steps on the opposite side. Use the original cut on the right as a length guide on your left for balance. 

cutting the sides of butterfly fringe

Blow Drying a Butterfly Fringe 

Matt now grabs his ergo diamond head brush and his products to style the butterfly bangs. He uses Paul Mitchell NEURO lift for volume and Paul Mitchell NEURO prime for heat protection and cocktails the two products. He takes a lot of the water out with the flat brush and then finishes the final stage of the blow dry with an ERGO 1/4'' round brush. He wraps the hair away from the face giving the classic swoop of the butterfly fringe. Matt customizes with a little slide cutting and extra body finishing spray. Check out the finished result. Don’t forget to follow, like and subscribe to our TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channel... Thanks! 

 hair products for butterfly cut

blow drying butterfly cut

finished butterfly cut

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