The bixie hair cut is a cross between the bob and the pixie. Popular in the salon, we decided to create a 7-step hair cut tutorial so you can cut the bixie on your guests. 

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  1. Section the hair to create your bixie haircut 
  2. Cut the lower back section of the bixie cut shape 
  3. Create layers on the crown of the bixie haircut  
  4. Tie the side into the bixie hair cut  
  5. Mimic the previous side 
  6. texturize layers for the bixie cut 
  7. Style the bixie haircut with a blow dryer  


Section The Hair To Cut a Bixie Haircut 

    Matt creates a bixie hair cut with symmetry by sectioning the hair in a middle part following the bridge of the nose. He also divides the densities of the hair between the back and the front to create the section for the bixie haircut. He finds the occipital bone (the bump at the back of the head where the head rounds) by resting the comb in an angle in the neck. Then, he takes a section just below the occipital. It creates a slight 'U' shape section in the lower back. 

    Cut The Bixie Angle in The Nape of the Neck 

      We work vertically taking long 1'' wide sections in the middle back. This first cut will be the guide, and were cutting a traveling guide. This means that the next section is created by following the previous section. The angle Matt cuts on is just below a 90° angle, for a slight graduation. Once you have cut your section, comb them down to see the length and fall of the hair. 

      Haircutting Tips – Body positioning is important not only for a good cut, but also good posture as a hairdresser. Check the way you use your hands. Is your thumb pointing in the direction you're travelling? Also, good tools help create a great haircut. Check out the 701 comb Matt is using to create this look. He also uses the patented Tri-Razor to soften the edges of the haircut, a great versatile tool for multi-looks. 

      Bixie Cut The Top Part of the back in 'pie sections' 

      The crown area of the bixie cut is going to be sectioned pivoting from the middle. We change up the angle slightly so you can avoid too much weight build up in the back. We are also travelling with our guide again, working from middle to right, and then middle to left. Remember check your body positioning, depending on if your left or right-handed, you push or pull the hair towards the next section. Matt's right-handed, so when he works on the left side of the bixie haircut, he is pushing the hair towards his guide when combing.

      Work On The Side of The Bixie Haircut 

      Matt wants the hair to flow off the face for his bixie haircut. So, he decided to work with diagonal back sections. When he cuts his first bottom section, he cuts with elevation. He also uses the previously cut hair as his guide for the bixie. When he releases the hair. You can see a slight graduation in the front corner of this section, that is because of the elevation.  

      Cut The Bixie Different Above the Parietal Ridge

      He works his way up to above the parietal ridge and at this point he stops working on a round so much, pulling the hair towards him and lowering the elevation. If he continued to layer the hair the way he was with the first section, Matt would have taken strength away from having a weight line there. Having a weight line in a haircut can be beneficial to the shape, so depending on your vision its always something to consider when cutting hair. 

      Cut The Top Section of The Bixie Haircut 

      So, when matt has worked his way up the head, he gets to the top section and decides to add texture to this part of the head. Hes uses a stationary guide and over directs his following sections to this point on the head. Using his scissors, he points cuts to add a bit of texture to the bixie hair cut. 

      Style The Bixie Hair Cut

      Use your blow-dryer and work against the fall of the hair to push volume into the bixie hairstyle. Matt uses a flat paddle brush to smooth out the hair and then goes in with a round brush to add bend to the look and style up the top. We're finished, take a look at our final look. We hope this gives you ideas for cutting the bixie yourself in the salon.... Happy cutting! 

      December 05, 2022 — Evelyn Davies

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