Do you love a blunt bob? Do you want to be the best salon for a bob haircut? Or, maybe you're into the French bob haircut with curtain bangs? Check out our bob hair cutting guide, so you can be confident in your cutting techniques. 

So, what's the definition of the bob cut first? A bob haircut is a variety of haircuts above the shoulders up to just below the ears. Bobs have many variations, from neat straight bobs, angled, a-symmetric to textured. With lengths varying it's a nice haircut to tailor to different face shapes. A timeless classic haircut and today we're cutting a classic blunt bob with curtain bangs. Check out the guide and video below for some free salon education on cutting bobs. 

 Cutting the bob needs symmetry 

This bob haircut it sectioned straight down the middle, that is because it gives us a balanced symmetry and the bob we're cutting has a middle part. Section the hair in the neck and we're going to be sectioning horizontally to cut in the guide line. This bob hairstyle is all going to be pulled back to this guide so make sure you get the foundations of this cut at the length you desire. 

bob haircut angle

Start cutting the guide for your bob haircut 

Keep your guide horizontal. You don’t want to angle the guide in the hair forwards because that will create an un-balanced angled shape in the bob cut. Comb the hair down, without forcing it and having a natural fall. Start cutting your bob guide in the middle back to keep balance. Cut the bob guide line where it falls naturally against the neck at your desired length. 

cutting the guide for a bob haircut

Check your body positioning when cutting the bob 

You're following the round of the head, so you will be moving around your guest while cutting the bob. When cutting bobs, getting down to eye to bob level is best to clearly see your guide, so squat! This saves your back as a hairstylist and looking after your posture in this job is a long-term responsibility. Also, move around to the sections you are cutting to keep the haircut balanced. If you're interested in learning about angles, elevation, the terminology of hair cutting, check out Matts Digital Haircutting System to upskill with. 

body positioning for bob haircut

Cutting bobs requires methodology 

Once your bob cutting guides in, section again. Follow the last section higher up the head. The sectioning should be parallel and you should be able to see the guide through this section of hair. Cut just below the guide line, this will create a nice little tuck on the ends, curving the shape. As you work up the head the same method applies with the sectioning. You also work the sides in as you move up the head horizontally. Still cutting the hair with natural tension. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.

cutting the sides of a bob haircut

Style the bob haircut smooth 

Matt uses a neuro style prime product, for its heat protection benefits to keep the hair in great condition. He's also styling the hair with an Ergo Diamond Head Brush, which is the perfect shape for getting into the nape and around the ears while blow-drying a smooth bob. He flat wraps the hair around the head both ways to smooth it out and he straightens the hair with a bevel to round off the shape. 

heat style bob hair cut

Cut the curtain bangs and cross check the shape 

Matt gets back down to bob-eye level to sharpen off the line, cut off any stray hairs and neaten up. Then Matt uses his TriRazor to cut the curtain bangs. This is a 3-sided Razor multi-tool. He uses this because it simply creates softer lines and it's super quick to cut the soft curtain bangs into the hair, slipping pieces of hair away until he's happy with the look/balance. 

razor cut bob curtain bangs

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