Want to know how to cut layers in hair? Do you love that floaty airy layered look? Maybe you want to re-cap on some hair layering techniques, or, you simply want to learn something new. 

Whatever your reasons, we aim to teach you hairdressing techniques for free. You get all the information on layering techniques, cutting know how and gain more skills and confidence in your work. Matt regularly uploads free salon education to his YouTube channel, TikTok, Instagram, here on these blogs and Patreon. You can invest in yourself from the comfort of home, or choose to teach the layer hair cutting techniques back in salon to your team. Check out the step-by-step guide below. 

Cut the base first, before you start layer cutting 

Matt expressed this cut is going to be base cut first, then the layers will be all cut in one section, giving a speedy hair cutting technique. He sections the hair dividing the sides and back, and a good thing to look out for is your body positioning while cutting layers. Check your shoulders are parallel to your sectioning. You want your eyes level to the section, hold the hair in your fingers and cut straight across to create your base length. 

body positioning cutting layers

Get the client to tilt their head to cut layers 

Matt gets the head in position by tilting it forwards and standing in front of the head. Hes combing all the hair into one large section in-between his fingers. He wants to cut airy layers and give the layers free movement. Now moving on to the fun bit – cutting layers.

cutting layers guide

Cut the layers with a point cut slide technique 

Matt has all the section in his hand ready to start cutting. With this section he point cuts – not in a straight line, he's nipping out random pieces of hair, he does this in a slide technique to ensure different lengths are being cut out of the hair. This creates that ''airy'' feel in the cut. He then re-combs the hair, and cuts a line where he wants his layers to be. When the hair drops, you see all the different layer lengths popping through the hair. 

point cutting the layers

Cut the layers in the sides over the part of the hair. 

If your client has a side part pull the hair up and over the side part, if the layers are a center part, you've guessed it – pull the hair up and over the center part. Check out the way Matt explains his finger angle. He's not going directly up, that’s because the hair will be a little longer around the face and if anything, he prefers length towards the back. He uses the same layering technique to cut the hair around the sides. 

cutting the hair layers at the sides of the head

Cutting the final side, check your previous layers 

When cutting the last side use the previously cut layers to guide your cutting length. This will create balance in the layered haircut. Then comb the hair down and trim the length in the sides to match the back of the haircut. Matt has been using a precision scissor to create this look. 

cutting layers over the hair parting

Air dry the airy layered cut 

Matt decides to use twirl around a lightweight 2 in 1 cream gel product. He wants to air dry the hair and let it do its thing. Perfect for bouncy layered curls. Check out the final look.  

layered hair products

finished layered haircut look

January 16, 2023 — Evelyn Davies

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