Looking for the boys haircut for this year? We're kick starting 2023 with a trend prediction of a boys textured haircut with a bit of length and loads of movement, a grunge twist on the popular eboy haircut of last year. 

We're using a YouTube video from matts free salon education channel, with his take on the most popular hair cut for boys in 2023. Matt will guide you on how to create this haircut in your salon so grab your clippers and your scissors to create this cool hairstyle. If you like keeping yourself educated on new hair cutting, coloring and styling techniques, subscribe to the YouTube channel, check out free salon educations Instagram and TikTok, and for exclusive hair cutting content check out the Patreon account to support Matts educating.

1st section the top of the hair to create the boys haircut

Section away in a 'U' shape. Grab your clipper and clipper comb. Matt shows you to keep your clipper closed all the way, take a look at the shape/edge of your clipper head, you want the clipper edge to sit directly against the comb, precisely removing weight. 

haircut boys 2023

Then, use the comb on the sides of the boys cut

Comb the hair in a diagonal – forwards, leaving comb tracks in the hair. You will use the tracks to pick up the hair in a diagonal forward, scooping hair into the comb, ready to cut away. Follow the comb to remove the length. Use the previous cut section as your guide. 

step by step guide boys haircut 2023 eboy texture

Cut the hair with a clipper horizontally in the back.

This matches the two sides together. If you look at the angle of the hair in the back, it angles out, and rounds off where the hair peels away at the crown area. Working from the bottom to the top methodically following the guide and using the same motion with the comb to pick up the hair and cut it away. 

boys haircut using clippers 2023

Take away the heavy bulk by using some texturizing scissors.

Matt goes in diagonally through the chunkier areas to soften the density and create movement in the hair. He then works on the weight line around the top to seamlessly blend our shorter lengths into the longer top.  

Tidy up around the sideburns/edges.

Section away hair above the edges and use velcro clips. This keeps it sectioned away much easier than a clip because the short hairs wont fall away. Then, take your detailing clippers and sharpen the edges, release the hair from the velcro clip and the length has been protected from cutting short, falling over the sharpened up edges.

good clips for cutting short hair

Then, release the top of your boys hair cut sectioning to cut the length

Let the hair fall away from the growth pattern on the crown. This is all combed outwards from this point. This is because the hair wants to sit here. Fighting its natural fall makes no sense so section the hair accordingly. Matt uses the growth pattern as his pivotal focus for the next step. 

using the natural fall of hair to cut it

Use the growth pattern on the crown to create your 2023 hair cut.

create ''segments'' in the back sectioning of the top. You want section number 1 to be central, as this is the guide for both sides. Matt is cutting with a travelling guide. Meaning, section 1 goes towards section 2 and using that guide, you cut section 2. Then section 2 goes towards section 3, and then cut. This creates a consistency in the length in the crown towards the front. 

travelling guide haircut mens boys haircut

The top section is cut simply building weight towards the middle.

Take a section just above the parietal ridge. This hair is combed down to one point, where the longest point of the lower section is. Then cut. Remember, you are not cutting hair following the round of the head, you are retaining length at the front. 

cutting the top section of mens haircut

Move up the head and use the guide line as a stationary point.

Meaning as you work towards the middle the hair is over directed, and builds a longer length in the middle top. Repeat this process on the opposite side to create balance in the haircut. 

eboy textured haircut

Finally, check out the length at the front of the head comb it down.

Usually this cut tends to sit just above the eyes, hold the hair between the fingers – not with too much tension and point cut into it to comb length. Check out the picture below for the finished look, hope you like it! 

cutting mens bangs

final look boys popular haircut 2023

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